To pack or not to pack? If you find yourself in holiday packing hell, put down the checklist and follow our tips to packing like a pro. You’ve booked your flights, bought the factor 50 and loaded up your tablet with movies for the flight. Ditch the suit and relax this summer; looking good doesn’t need to be hard work…

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An exhilarating experience of sailing, island hopping and entertainment, gather your friends for an epic voyage on the Adriatic Sea. Indulge in the rustic charm and explore the hidden splendours with different DJ’s playing in the sun throughout your trip.

Calling the yacht home for the week, colour code your clothes and choose items based on the fact they will work with other items (pair up those palm prints!). Keeping your feet happy is important, with sliders or flip-flops perfect for keeping you steady on board, but opt for something a bit more stylish for when the boat is docked.

The sun is almost guaranteed to reach above 20; beat the heat with a chambray shirt and keep your eyes and head protected with the latest sunglasses and headwear.

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You won’t be wearing much else on holiday, so swim shorts are an item you won’t forget and can’t get wrong. Pool parties at Ocean Beach or bathing in the crystal clear waters, Thom Browne’s preppy grosgrain short might feel like an expensive drop in the ocean, but adaptable to the sandy beaches and hidden coves, you won’t regret this investment buy.

Ibiza Rocks, but make sure you don’t depart this gorgeous island without watching the sun set. Head to the west of the island to get the best view, grab a table at Café Mambo or simply head down to the rocks with your friends to witness the breath-taking views.

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In search of the top Miami experience, your Monocle guide has left you feeling like you’ll miss out on what this gloriously good-looking city has to offer if you don’t leave the beach, crossing over the Biscayne Bay into the urban city.

Pack plenty of transitional pieces that will leave you as prepared for the cosmopolitan city as you are for miles of pristine beaches. Gitman’s floral short will provide the excellent base layer, wear it with a tee or a short-sleeved oxford shirt to dazzle in the Art Deco hotels or over-the-top nightclubs.

A trendy playground, Miami is renowned for waves of aqua and pink alongside green-painted buildings and purple and orange sunsets. Keep your tones understated and simple – we wouldn’t want you blending into the vibrant surfside hotspots.

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Once home to The Rat Pack, Elvis and Tom Jones, live the Ocean’s Eleven life in Sin City. If you hit it big, it’s essential your packing is on point. This is Vegas remember, everything is bigger and glossier so look smarter for the clubs, but remember you’re in the middle of the Nevada desert: it’s going to be hot.

Its noteworthy that the strip is much longer than you think, depending on the source it runs between 4.2 and 4.5miles. We don’t mean blocks. We mean miles! Its important you take this into consideration when you decide to set off on your endless night of casino and club hopping.

When the 24/7 madness all gets a bit too much, Aesop’s Jet Set Kit might just be your saviour.

You won’t remember where you ate or the clubs you hit up, but you’re sure to leave with holes in your pockets. Just make sure you’ve still got your Saint Laurent passport holder. After all, its VEGAS, BABY!

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