Well what can I say!!!!, I did it, I won Most Stylish Blogger 2016 and to say I was shocked was an understatement.Tried and Tested came from an idea of a private Facebook group for myself and my girlfriends to share beauty tips and glory products. Now, little over a year later I have nearly 17,000 female followers on the group who all share the same passion and I have helped many local businesses thrive by advertising products or services they offer within the beauty/health/fashion industry.

I give my members something back by negotiating exclusive discounts and deals for members. I love Tried and Tested and love seeing my members offer advice to others, it is a really lovely group of women supporting each other. I like how it is interactive and everyone can offer a product recommendation or an opinion rather than just me. I don’t claim to know it all nor have I tried everything (although i’m getting close ha ha). I just like to help where I can and recommend good services that I have experienced.

To get this award was mind blowing and just makes all the hard work worth while. After a little health blip in 2015 I told myself I was going to create memories and lots of them. This is one of them memories, and I want to thank all my tried and tested members, family and friends for all the support and for voting for me. This would have not been possible with out you and i’m truly grateful. Thanks so much xxxxx

If you would like to collaborate with Tried and Tested please email: lisaguthrie4@hotmail.co.uk

Dress supplied by Designer Fit

Hair done by Show Beauty House of Fraser Intu Metro Centre

Make up done by Sophie Dobson MUA

Nails and Tan by The Beauty Room Stanley


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