With the summer holidays in full swing in Newcastle, keeping on top of energy use might be far from people’s minds. But with the kids out of school or back home from university, a household’s energy use can increase. Simple changes can help families keep their homes running efficiently and save money.

Smart Energy Expert, Tony Sansom from British Gas, shares some of his tips that can help people across Newcastle to save energy:

Tony said: “With a full house over the summer holidays, it’s important for families to remember the little things that can keep their home energy fit.

  •   “Turn appliances off when not in use. Computers and games consoles can use a surprising amount of energy when in standby mode.
  •  “Unplug phones, laptops and other gadgets once they’re fully charged. Leaving them plugged in can be damaging in the long term for an appliance’s battery life, as well as a waste of energy.
  •  “Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need. There’s no point boiling a full kettle if you’re only making a cuppa just for you.
  •  “If you can, do a week’s washing in one go and put a full load into the machine. And if you’ve got an eco-function, put that on too.
  • “It’s tempting to take leisurely showers during the summer break, but spending one minute less in the shower each day, as well as fitting a water efficient shower head, can help reduce a family’s hot water usage.

“Having smart meters, which replace standard gas and electricity meters, can help you take control of your energy.

“Smart meters come with a smart energy monitor that shows how much energy is being used, in pounds and pence, in near real-time, which means you can see how much it costs to boil the kettle.

“Smart meters automatically send accurate readings to us, if you’re a British Gas customer, which means an end to estimated bills.”

To find out if you’re eligible for a gas and electricity smart meter, visit:  www.britishgas.co.uk/smart

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