I Love Newcastle Magazine were invited for a skin education with Elemis in Debenhams to celebrate the launch of their new Superfood Facial Oil.

High-end skincare brand Elemis claim that the key to good skincare is understanding the needs of your skin, so they brought the Facial Assessment service to their Newcastle concession. We, like most women, spend endless time and money trying to achieve beautiful skin but with so many products on the market all targeting different issues, we often get it wrong and end up wasting money. This is where Elemis steps in, so we headed to Debenhams to understand our skin once and for all.

Although it appears small, the Elemis concession in Debenhams is deceptive. The Facial Assessment took place at a very clinical looking desk behind the product counter but twenty minutes later our therapist ushered us through an unassuming door into a peaceful and spacious treatment room. Who knew?!photo-22-09-2016-2_elemis_newcastle_magazine_

The Facial Assessment involves photographing your skin and going step by step through six different skin concerns (think wrinkles, texture, brown spots) that the camera has picked up. Be sure to approach the exercise with an open mind, we got some surprises when the computer showed our excessively oily skin to be dehydrated. Another eye opener is brown spots, or sun damage, which might be familiar from the recent Nivea advert that’s being shown. The Facial Assessment is a free service, so anyone can get to know their skin and the client’s records are stored in the system so you can track your skin’s progress as you alter your skincare regime.

After discussing the skins characteristics, the therapist explained which products she would use in the facial and why, which was a great opportunity to sample the products! At this point we were introduced to the latest release from Elemis, the Superfood Facial Oil. The beauty world is buzzing about facial oils at the moment so what makes the Superfood Facial Oil different? With the feel of an oil but the properties of a serum, this product can be layered under moisturiser where it absorbs deeper into the skin to feed the base cells with a blend of 9 plant extracts. The smells is to die for, slightly herby from the pure essential oils but lavender and rosemary extract make it the perfect night time product. The Superfood Facial Oil can be used alone as a night moisturiser, making it suitable for oily/combination skins as well as dry or aging skin. Cucumber extract will soothe irritated and sensitive skins, so it really is a wonder oil.


Now, onto the good bit. We followed our therapist into the treatment room for a 30 minute facial. The massage chair was incredibly comfortable and we were so relaxed under a cosy fleece that the noisy beauty hall, mere metres away, was entirely forgotten. The facial was one of the best we’ve had, thorough yet relaxing and the skin on the neck and decolletage was treated too – an important consideration particularly for aging skin. As the therapist wrapped our hair before starting the treatment we left feeling as fresh and groomed as we entered, which was appreciated because no one wants to wander through the city centre greased up to the roots. It’s also worth pointing out that the Superfood Facial Oil, which was used in treatment, doesn’t feel oily so after the facial we were glowing but the skin felt matte and comfortable. These touches make the Elemis 30 minute facial a good option for someone out shopping for the day or even on a lunch break, as you don’t need to go home and hide afterwards!

Our therapist sent us away with a sample of the Superfood Facial Oil to try for a few days at home, so our skin still looks and feels great. Most important, however, is the knowledge we gained about our skin that’ll inform future choice of products, hopefully saving us time, money and mistakes.

The Facial Assessment is free of charge and Elemis facials start at £30, with plenty of optional extras that can be added to extend the 30 minute treatment. Bookings can be made at the Elemis counter in Debenhams beauty hall.

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