The University town has moved on from its shipbuilding and industrial past to become a city of the future, marked by the landmark, future-esque Millennium Bridge. Now a centre for business and sciences, the city has also developed a reputation for fostering the arts.


We are I Love Newcastle Magazine – an independent dot-com organisation that was born in July 2014 formed in the midst of economic recession with extreme austerity measures, affecting everyone in the North East through one way or another.

Media is the best way to impress on people these days and that’s what we’ll do, remind you every day why you love this city.

We’re as Newcastle as it gets. A small band of like-minded individuals, Newcastle born and Newcastle bred, who share the same passion – love and affection for our city. We are cool, cultured, cosmopolitan – just like Newcastle. We love Newcastle and we hope you do, too.

i-love-nyThe iconic I LOVE NCL logo design is basically a spin/rip off of the New York State Tourism Department (I Love NY) designed for one purpose – to spread love. It has become a symbol of the city’s resilience. It’s working so far.


We publish I Love Newcastle Magazine, THE online lifestyle magazine for people who love Newcastle. There’s a lot going on in Newcastle. Things to do and places to go. We like to remind and shout about all the things that make Newcastle one of the world’s great cities – and not just because of the football. We cover local stories, especially ones which show our city in a positive light. We like good news and Newcastle’s got plenty of it.


This last 10 years has been Newcastles’s time. Spirit-ness, fight, integrity of the people. There’s a tribal-ness to it. Why shouldn’t there be. Everyone looks after each other. The magic dust gets sprinkled all over the city. Newcastle reinvented itself, it didn’t wait for a leader. It’s the courageousness and individuality of Geordies.

We’ve been all me, me, me on this page but we assure you, it’s not all about us. It’s the people of Newcastle who make it what it is. People like you. Do you love Newcastle? Of course you do. You wouldn’t be here otherwise, would you now? Please tell a friend, spread the love and leave your friends in no doubt that you love Newcastle just as much as we do!


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